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Spray Tanning


Spray Tanning is one of the most popular treatments in the salon world today.  For the salon and mobile therapist spray tanning can be a very profitable treatment and with the proper training it provides clients with great value for money.


At Pembroke College of Beauty and Body Therapy we have teamed up with an International supplier of spray tanning products which enables us to teach students quality application of spray tanning 


Course Content:


This spray tanning course focuses on the practical elements of spray tanning including:

  • Contra-indications

  • Aftercare

  • Health & Safety

  • Common Mistakes

  • How to fix common errors

Spray Tanning Course



This course is available to all students who interested in pursuing a career in the beauty and body therapy industry.



Cocktail professional tanning systems Certificate


Course Cost: €120

Spray Tanning
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