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Post-Grad Courses



At Pembroke we have a selection of Post-Grad Courses available which include; Reflexology and CIDESCO Post Graduate Course 




Reflexology is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet or hands where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in minature.  It is a simple non-invasive treatment which helps the body to maintain a delicate balance between the 9 systems.


Includes the study of 

  • The history, theory and philosophy of reflexology

  • Concepts and theories as to how and why it works

  • Benefits of Reflexology

  • The structure of the foot

  • Contraindications

  • Disorders and conditions of the feet

  • Client reaction to treatment

  • Referral of patients to G.P.

  • Codes of Practice and Ethics

  • Referral to other holistic therapies



  • Massage Routine

  • Reading of the Feet

  • Location of Reflexes on both feet

  • Hooking Techniques

  • Use of appropriate pressure

  • Understanding zone therapy and cross reflexes

  • Hand reflexology



  • Preperation of work area

  • Consultation and recording of client details

  • Client Care and Comfort

  • Appropriate followup treatments and recommendations




CIDESCO Post Graduate Course

Diploma for qualified skin and body therapists with work experience in Beauty Therapy.  This course provides part time students with an excellent opportunity to further their education, skills and career, by working towards the prestigious CIDESCO Diploma.


Course Content

  • Specialised Subject 

  • Thesis 4,000 words

  • Theory notes for multiple choice examinations

  • Face and body practical revision to CIDESCO requirements for exam

Course Prerequisites

  • Prospective students MUST be qualified in Beauty therapy and Body Therapy with either facial or body electricals and have been working for three years or more in the industry.





Students must hold a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology or equivalent to be eligible to participate in this course



Multiple Choice Question Paper and Practical Exam

Completion of Case Study


Course Timetable:  

This is a weekend course running from Sept - May


Course Cost:  €1,200 incl. exam fees


Note special discount is available for past students

CIDESCO Post Graduate Course



Students must hold a face and body qualification and be working in the beauty industry for a minimum of 3 years



  • Written Examination

  • Natural Science

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • The Skin

  • Costmetic Science

  • Aesthetic Treatments


Course Timetable:  

One weekend per month from January to May with examinations taking place in June 

Sat & Sun 9.30 - 5.00pm


Course Cost:  €2,500 (incl. exam fees)

Post Grad
At Pembroke College we provide a range of post graduate courses for the beauty and body industry based at our college in the centre of Limerick
Jackie M Classic

Classic One by One Lash Course


The One by One eyelash extension treatment is done by attaching one single eyelash extension to the natural eyelash, using extension glue. One by One eyelash extensions are synthetic, individual, permanently curled hairs. They are waterproof and easy to apply .The adhesive, which was specially designed for this purpose, stays soft and flexible and does not damage the natural lashes.


Feature & Benefits

  • One by One eyelash extensions stay on for 3 to 4 weeks 

  • Refill is recommended after 3 weeks

  • Eyes will stand out more 

  • Not damaging the natural lashes 

  • Ultra-light weight 

  • Natural look, indistinguishable from natural lashes 

  • Full cure after only 24 hours

  • Painless application


 Classic One by One Lash Course



This course is available students who are trained in beauty therapy, ITEC skincare and eye treatments or equivalent and are keen to learn the art of semi permanent eye lash extensions to add to their treatment list.


Certification  BO Lash Certificate


Course Cost: €300.00 includes training, full kit, marketing kit, manual and certificate


Please note a deposit of €150 is required to secure your place on the course

Lash Lifting Course


Lash lifting is a low-maintenance lash perm that lifts and enhances a client’s natural lashes for up to 6 weeks!

Using silicone shields and a series of cream solutions, lash lift curls, sets and conditions natural lashes, leaving your client with a long lasting, natural looking lift. Lash lifting lifts up eyelashes from the roots and makes them appear longer and healthier! It is suitable for both long and short lashes. 

Benefits of the course:

  • It can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or as a prior treatment in preparation for eyelash extensions for clients with straight lashes.

  • Lash lifting results are immediate, no adhesive, no extensions and no need for mascara.

  • Ideal for those seeking a more natural look, the treatments can take as little as 45 minutes and the effects are instant.

  • Your natural lashes will promote the benefit of lash lifting for up to 6-8 weeks.


Lash Lifting



This course is available to students who are trained in Beauty therapy, ITEC certificate in Skincare and Eye treatments or equivalent and are keen to learn the art of lash lifting to add to their treatments list.

Course Cost: €250

Lash Lifting
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